USD $49.95

Complete packing and storage system for BudKups. Simplifies the vaping experience and organizes your BudKups accessories.

Compatible with PAX2/3.

Contains: 6 BudKups 3.0, the Packing System, the Bud Case, and 2 BudKup removal tools.

Total value of $64.80.

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Written by Ryan on Jan 20th 2021

The future of cannabis

I really enjoy these pods. You can take them anywhere your heart desires and not have to pack your pax in public. Obviously some states it is not allowed so being this discrete is awesome. Definitely a company that is looking at the future of providing an experience and ease of use of that of nicotine pods. Mandatory cop if you have a Pax.

Written by Q on Sep 7th 2020

Game changer is right!

Once I figured out how to pack it correctly, I'm getting great pull s and the greens just fall out after I'm done, so its easy to keep clean. Great buy, thanks!

Written by Jose Mathew on Aug 19th 2020

Easy and best way to use Pax 2/3


Written by Brandon on Jul 31st 2020


Super easy to use. The kups fit very snugly in the pax oven, but the included extraction tool makes fishing them out a breeze. I've been showing this accessory to everyone I know. Highly recommended!

Written by Andy on Jul 1st 2020

Love these things!

My Pax 2 has been sitting on the shelf because I hated dealing with packing and stirring the bowl, cleaning it all the time, and the restricted air flow. The Kups are easy to fill, keep the oven extremely clean, but best of all open up the air flow so you can get great consistent clouds without fighting it. There's no need to stir either, as the ABV comes out a consistent color all the way through. I'd recommend these to anyone with a Pax; they turn it into a completely different vape all together.

Written by Lonnie Smith on Jun 11th 2020


Budkups are a great addition to Pax. Makes travel a breeze.

Written by Mike on Jun 8th 2020

Love em’

Absolutely love em. Now we just need a 1/2 pack version!

Written by Daniel Romeyn on May 29th 2020

Best Purchase

A friend of mine showed me these, mind you I just came around to using the pax more frequently as I have always been more of just a glass guy but with these budkups, OMG, GAMER CHANGER, I do not need to worry about constantly cleaning the oven, removing the screen opened up the airway so much more to get a stronger hit (if you are someone who needs to see clouds this helps a lot) and the ability to reload and keep going is so much easier than having to repack after use. Highly recommend budkups to anyone on the fence looking to purchase these. Worth every penny spent.

Written by Isabel on May 19th 2020

Thank goodness for BudKups!!!!

Honestly, I was a little nervous about buying this. I love my PAX 2 and was afraid it wouldn't work as efficiently. They work great! The tray helps take the struggle out of filling each kup. I love the little carrying case. They load into my PAX easily and easily pop out to load another. This has made my life just a thousand times similar. Thank you for such a great product!!!!

Written by Ramon on May 10th 2020

Bud Kups, A must have!

After only using the Bud Kups for just one day, All I can say is, WORTH EVERY PENNY! Now all you do is pull out the used Kup and place a new packed Kup, that easy.