USD $49.95

Complete packing and storage system for your BudKups and PAX®. Simplifies the vaping experience and organizes your accessories.

Contains: 6 BudKups 3.0, the Packing System, and the BudCase. Updated design for compatibility with BudKups 3.0 and Original BudKups.

Stylish and discreet. Total value of $64.80.

PAX not included.

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Written by Isabel on May 19th 2020

Thank goodness for BudKups!!!!

Honestly, I was a little nervous about buying this. I love my PAX 2 and was afraid it wouldn't work as efficiently. They work great! The tray helps take the struggle out of filling each kup. I love the little carrying case. They load into my PAX easily and easily pop out to load another. This has made my life just a thousand times similar. Thank you for such a great product!!!!

Written by Ramon on May 10th 2020

Bud Kups, A must have!

After only using the Bud Kups for just one day, All I can say is, WORTH EVERY PENNY! Now all you do is pull out the used Kup and place a new packed Kup, that easy.

Written by Edward on May 6th 2020

Makes Using PAX Far Easier

I hardly used my PAX before because it was just a hassle honestly going through the process to reload it. With this I spend a few minutes pre loading and these pop in and out with no fuss.

Written by Sara on May 3rd 2020

Quality product

I've been a pax owner for years. These eliminate so many issues like getting your fingers dank or stirring that keeps the pax from being as discreet as it should be. Fit just right. The time it takes loading up the kups is worth it for all the hassle it takes care of.

Written by Austin on May 3rd 2020

Budkups are good

I like how nicely the budkups fit in the oven and also how they retain heat and supplement air flow. However they do get resin on the outsides which can make them stick the oven roof. Turning on the pax for 2 seconds will heat the resin enough for the kup to slide right out. The exterior resin makes putting used kups back in the bud case sticky and messy which u want to avoid. I would only put clean budkups in the case and put used ones somewhere else till they’re clean. Overall I think budkups are a good pax accessory because it makes loading and vaping a breeze and also keeps the pax fairly clean. The downside is now you have to clean the budkups and storing sticky used kups can be problematic. But I’ve also discovered that cleaning with iso and q tip after using is really easy as opposed to soaking and uses less iso.

Written by Edward Wild on Apr 28th 2020

budkup fill kit

pricey for what I got

Written by Jessica on Apr 27th 2020

Bud kups

This product is amazing! There’s no reason to use a pax without these. The airflow is so much better and clean up is easy.

Written by Ethan on Apr 20th 2020

Game changer

As long as the kup is packed well it allows for a much more satisfying hit due to the increased airflow, in my opinion. I bought the kit because I wanted the tin, which substitutes for the scraper tool, extra bud, etc I would have to carry around on the go. My only complaint is that the tin isnt smellproof. I suggest a tin with a detached cap that can sit more snugly.

Written by Al on Apr 14th 2020

These make vaping you’re flower like having a beer, Easy

I finally pulled the trigger on the budkup kit. The only reason I hadn’t bought these a year ago was shipping. These live up to the hype. The entire package is small, 6 kups and the packing tool. Easier than using common sense, packing sled is efficient and no more messy than filling the Pax normally. So far, I pack the kups exactly the same way I pack the oven. I found the vapour production wasn’t at all reduced compared to normally packing the pax. The kups are machined well, there’s no side to side play when in the pax. I thought the tin was almost the size of an altoids tin but it’s a lot smaller which helps with discretion. I also previously thought the green liner in the tin (to hold the kups) was silicone, having them in my hand it’s actually dense styrofoam. Silicone would’ve been nice (more expensive I would think) but the styrofoam holds up well to the heat from the kups and it looks clean in the case. I bought two full kits mainly to have 12 kups and 2 tins, I couldn’t find a 6 pack plus tin option other than the full kit. I would’ve like to buy another 12 (I would expect to misplace a lid or kup under certain circumstances) If there was a way for your team at budkups to collaborate with hydra vapor tech who make the flask for the Pax. Have their chest hold your kups, take my money!

Written by BRIAN on Jan 30th 2020