USD $49.95

Complete packing and storage system for your BudKups and PAX®. Simplifies the vaping experience and organizes your accessories.

Contains: 6 BudKups, the Packing System, and the BudCase. Updated design for compatibility with BudKups 3.0 and Original BudKups.

Stylish and discreet. Total value of $64.80.

PAX not included.

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Written by Jay on Jun 4th 2019


Wow!! super efficient! ABV well vaped! No mess! Thank you! Super fast shipping to canada!

Written by Glen Garcia on Jun 4th 2019

Works Great!

The Bud Kups is a great solution to keeping your Pax 3 clean and having capsules ready to go. Before Bud Kups I was using an herb funnel and cleaned the Pax 3 several times a week. Now I can spend the time to pack once and have 6 capsules ready to go. Packing the capsules is easy and convenient. Bits of grounded herb tends to fling outside of the tray when packing. Using the Bud Kups in the Pax 3 is a little learning curve in finding the right setting. The convenience outweighs this small issue and I like the fact my Pax 3 stays clean.

Written by Veronica on May 21st 2019


I have debilitating panic attacks, and being able to carry around a few pre-packed bowls of relief for my Pax is amazing. Learning how to pack the kups was easy, and almost second nature after a few rounds. The used kups can be a little sticky, so after they cool down I wipe them down with hand sanitizer before sticking the empties back in the case. This was an amazing drunken buy - THANK YOU!

Written by Steven Kelley on May 15th 2019

A+++ Product

Budkups knocked this one outta the park with these high quality cups built to go the distance!

Written by Anthony Bartell on May 2nd 2019


Perfect solution for easy fill, pax is way better with this!

Written by Rix on Apr 28th 2019

Good, but messy

First, this product is great. Significantly reduces the wear and tear on my Pax3, reduces how often I have to clean it, etc. However, there is a major issue with loading using the kit. Unless you coarsely grind your herb, it's going to get all over the place, underneath it, etc. So, load on a tray, or somewhere you can easily recoup anything left behind.

Written by Joey on Apr 3rd 2019

Great product! Almost perfect!

I bought these halfhearted I own multiple addons for my pax3. However these things have good airflow and the tool that comes with the kit is awesome for packing! One thing I could see improving is maybe include a pusher with the kit. This is because towards the top of the cup the fit is so snug that it doesn’t drop out, it also isn’t able to be shaken out. The pusher is needed to push your cups out, overall it was well worth the price. It saves time in loading and cleaning, the shipping was fast AND it was shipped discreetly!

Written by Susan on Apr 1st 2019

Can't say enough good about this!

I absolutely love my BudKit. I don't vape every day, so I load up my Bud Kups and I'm good to go for a week or more! So quick & easy to load them up with the loading tool. Got the pocket humidor as well (separately) to keep my bud fresh. Shipping to Canada was easy and fairly quick, and customer service was awesome. When I emailed with questions I got a response within minutes. Couldn't ask for more. Definitely worth the money.

Written by Proudgrandma2twins on Mar 14th 2019

5 star review, says it all

I was tired of chronically cleaning my Pax, these kups are the answer to quality vaping. The case for the kups is clever and convenient plus discrete, the small container fits easily in any pocket. I am not a relative or a acquaintance of the company or any employee. I highly recommend purchasing their kit.

Written by Janet on Feb 25th 2019

Now my Pax 2 will last a lot longer

Within owning a Pax 2 for 5 months I was very concern that it will not last long. I had to clean it with rubbing alcohol almost every time or another, increasing it’s wear and tear. Purchased some screens for the oven, before it was filled, then that only created another thing to wash or for product build up. Having the budkup kit has solved so many issues, all providing quality of my Pax. Just fill the kup’s using the kit, the 6 kup portable budkup case which holds the extras kup’s until wanted. Easy packing, easy to use, plus adding quality to my Pax. Wish I had many more kind words yet I can only say “I highly recommend this product”.