USD $49.95

Complete packing and storage system for BudKups. Simplifies the vaping experience and organizes your BudKups accessories.

Compatible with PAX2/3.

Contains: 6 BudKups 3.0, the Packing System, the Bud Case, and 2 BudKup removal tools.

Total value of $64.80.

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Written by MissMonica on Jun 2nd 2021

Awwwwww yeah!

So cool. So amazing. I bought two of everything. I keep one set in my travel bag and one set in my everyday bag. However, when I travel I fill up all my little BudKups and label the tins. 24 Full BudKups are the perfect amount for a long weekend away. I usually do six Kups per strain so I’m always set. Keeping extra covers, tools, and that sweet little jig from the budkit as a spare for traveling is just awesome. I’m like the hardest person to please and I complain about EVERYTHING. But, BudKups... truly genius!! Please also make them for the Firefly. I like my Pax so hard but, at the end of the day, all I want is my firefly.

Written by Merit Alexander on May 13th 2021

Pack it up. Pack it in.

Very easy to use and high quality materials. I do have to mix the bud up after a bit to get the stuff in the middle. Very handy to pack and go. Highly recommended.

Written by Tim G on May 12th 2021

Very satisfied

I got my Pax 3 and Budkit on the same day so havent really used the Pax without a Budkup...which kind of says it all I guess. I like how easy it is to load them up and carry extras, they keep the Pax quite a bit cleaner and dont seem to accumulate much gunk so the kups themselves are good for a few uses before needing a bath. I bought 3 more of the kups within a week and probably will be back for more. Do pack them tightly!

Written by Hollyalaquatra on May 11th 2021


I like them alot. Keeps my pax 2 much cleaner. The kit is nice to take along. Easy to load the Kups. No looking for a place to save AVB.

Written by J Morris on May 4th 2021

Amazing product

This helps so much. It saves time, money and saves medication too. BudKups alleviates the need for a screen to be used. Highest recommendation for BudKups

Written by Aaron on Apr 30th 2021


I love these little things. Makes loading and clean up a snap. It also makes monitoring usage a lot easier, and I'm less like to use too much. (unless I'm really wanting to :) )

Written by Sheena on Feb 9th 2021

Pax 3 BudKups

I fell so in love with this product, I just had to gift it twice to my pax buds. I feel my flower burns much more evenly when using the kups and I love no longer having that pesky pax screen (which I constantly bent when cleaning). Having an easy to use loading system for these kups has saved so much time and avoided mess when loading fresh flower. Highly recommend, especially if you are on the go! Just make sure you follow the directions and REALLY clean them upon arrival.

Written by Ryan on Jan 20th 2021

The future of cannabis

I really enjoy these pods. You can take them anywhere your heart desires and not have to pack your pax in public. Obviously some states it is not allowed so being this discrete is awesome. Definitely a company that is looking at the future of providing an experience and ease of use of that of nicotine pods. Mandatory cop if you have a Pax.

Written by Q on Sep 7th 2020

Game changer is right!

Once I figured out how to pack it correctly, I'm getting great pull s and the greens just fall out after I'm done, so its easy to keep clean. Great buy, thanks!

Written by Jose Mathew on Aug 19th 2020

Easy and best way to use Pax 2/3