Packing System

USD $14.95

Quickly fill multiple BudKups at once with no hassle or mess.

Place 6 BudKups in the funnel, pour in finely ground herb, and use the tamper tool to distribute and pack the herb evenly into your BudKups.

2 piece system: funnel, tamper tool.

Compatible with BudKups for PAX2/3.

BudKups not included.

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Written by mark leger on Apr 20th 2021

packing system

EXCELLENT product makes things alot easyer when it comes to packing the budkups i highly recommend buying this system if you own vaperizers the complete system is the way to go ...

Written by Elizabeth Weston on Apr 19th 2021

Packing system

I really like having the convence of the kupps, just take one out and pop another one in. Not really easier to pack the Kupps, but much less messy on the fly operation. Overall a solid 4.5 stars. I didn't see a half star option.

Written by Ross on Jul 27th 2020

Packing System/Bud Kups

Excellent product that eliminates need for PAX screens and keeps your PAX much cleaner. Evenly heats material as advertised. Highly recommend.

Written by Thomas Degnan on Oct 2nd 2019

Budkups packing system

The budkups packing system made a awesome product easier and faster to use. With the loading system I can fill 6 kups in the same time it took to fill 1 without this system. Oh let's no forget that it prevents alot of the mess and clean up.

Written by Sandy thomasson on Dec 22nd 2018


I owned the pax1 and totally quit using it because of having to clean it so much and fighting the draw! I was very disappointed because it’s sleek, tiny does a great job when clean and really just perfect. So decided to try pax 3 because of the new Budkups! Game Changer!!!! I love this new system, from the ups 3.0, the filling system and new storage humidor. I now use the pax as my clean convenient tasty go to. These Kups are super well made easy to fill and ready when you are. Cleaning my pax3 is quick simple and very infrequent LOVE IT And their customer service is the best. They actually answer the phone. Lol Best experience ever!