BudKup Generation 3.0

USD $19.95

Our newest loading capsule for PAX2/3®. Redesigned for optimal heating and vapor production.

We improved the shape and increased the air flow surface area for better functionality and greater ease of use. No-fuss lid.

Pack multiple BudKups at once and always be ready. Keeps your PAX cleaner. BudKups are reusable.

Food-grade stainless steel. For use with herb only.

Sold as set of 3.

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Written by Shaboogie on May 22nd 2020

PAX Savior

I was really contemplating ditching my pax until I got these. Major improvement on airflow! A plus is my order came in 1 day! Nice to have a local business in the area.

Written by BChepler on May 3rd 2020

BudKups worth it

These are definitely worth the price, it allows easy access to swapping out herbs, emptying it out is also quite easy. Very convenient to keep the Pax clean, and used for more uses before needing a cleaning. Vapor amount is great, burns great. Overall 9:10

Written by b3llad0na on Feb 19th 2020

the new tool is cool

This is the second or third time I've ordered Bud Kups for my Pax2. The pre-load factor is handy, I dont have to clean the heating chamber as often, and they increase vapor production. AND - the new Extraction tool is the bomb, now I dont have to smack the bottom of the Pax on the table to get the Kup out! (and the fact that you give TWO of them is great as I lose tiny things like that a lot) :)

Written by Levi on Jan 11th 2020

Totally worth it

Purchased from Canada and I received them quickly. I love using these to switch out between different strains if I haven’t fully finished what I am currently vaping; vs throwing it away. Helps me conserve the herb ;) They are quite a bit smaller than I envisioned but they have to be that size to fit into the Pax. You can still tap a lot of herb into these ovens. The price makes sense. You aren’t paying for the materials you are paying for the design and management of a fairly niche product. I will easily make the money i spent on these guys back by throwing away less herb when i want to switch strains.

Written by Zane on Dec 23rd 2019

A necessity for any PAX user

I Immediately noticed a difference in the amount of vapor produced, and cleanup is a breeze. The only downside to me was that my bowls were finished a bit quicker, but very efficiently :)

Written by Ronni Fox on Dec 23rd 2019


Best thing since sliced bread for the pax

Written by Simon Miller on Dec 11th 2019

Pretty great product!

I've only used them a handful of times since recieving them, but the Gen 3 budkups are pretty great. Mine fit well, though they do have some vertical play. This hasn't impacted flavor or vapor production. Overall I'm very pleased with them, and will be more pleased with how clean the oven will stay. Keep it up guys!

Written by Thomas Degnan on Oct 2nd 2019

Budkups 3.0

All around great product with great airflow. This is a must for any pax user.

Written by Gabriel Gosselin on Jul 12th 2019

Now I really love my pax

The 3.0 version work perfectly. Just a bit tight in the oven. But they give you really simple instructions if you want to resolve the problem. A total game changer for pax users!

Written by Ryan on Jul 9th 2019


I got my first BudKup as a free sample in a promo. I didn't use it for probably a couple of months, but when I did....holy moly! First off, using BudKups keeps your Pax pretty clean. There's virtually NO mess in the oven at all. Just clean the mouthpiece and the vapor tube and you're golden. Second, they do take a few seconds longer to properly heat after the indicator turns green, but when they do heat up, I find they hold temp a lot better than if you're not using it. I'm don't chase big vapor clouds, but I find the BudKups do create bigger ones. So if you like that, then great. Anyhoo. I dropped my Pax while camping and lost my one and only BudKup! I immediately got my phone out and ordered a set. That should tell you everything you need to know right there :)