BudKup Generation 3.0

USD $19.95

Our newest loading capsule for PAX2/3®. Redesigned for optimal heating and vapor production.

We improved the shape and increased the air flow surface area for better functionality and greater ease of use. No-fuss lid.

Pack multiple BudKups at once and always be ready. Keeps your PAX cleaner. BudKups are reusable.

Food-grade stainless steel. For use with herb only.

Sold as set of 3.

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Written by Mr. Lewis on May 20th 2019


This is a great accessory for your Pax 3. It eliminates a lot of cleaning and you can pre fill them for on the go. Too bad Pax didn’t think of this.

Written by chanta on Apr 29th 2019


The 3.0 version of this product is amazing. I purchased the 2.0 version and I was very disappointed. When I contacted BudKups to make a return they offered to send me the newest version at no additional cost! These have made using my PAX 3 so much sweeter! I love the fact that I can preload these before getting the party started & they are pretty easy to clean and maintain.

Written by Patrice s. on Apr 25th 2019


Au sujet du budkups malgres mon hadicap en chaise roulante jai de la difficulté avec mes mains remplir mon pax chaque est problèmatique avec le budkup charger de weed medical mon pax va plus vite et pratique

Written by Ronni Fox on Apr 2nd 2019


What an awesome product. Pax should have thought of this. I especially love the loading tray. Only thing missing is a tool to remove top.

Written by Paul on Mar 11th 2019

Bud Kups 3.0

Improvement from previous version .. faster heating and better experience all around .. would like to see pod come out of oven improve but besides that it great ! Love it and will be a repeat customer this time ..

Written by Lou on Dec 8th 2018

Budkup is Awesome !

Makes it nice and fun to use my PAX3. Once prepared, it is like magic. Buying 3 mores cups right now !!

Written by Jordan on Nov 21st 2018

Love it

I really love the BudKups! My overall experience has been really great. I don't use my PAX without them. I do think there is a small challenge with airflow when I keep it at a lower temp setting, but its not really a huge issue for me. I like how easy it is to keep my PAX clean. I'll def be keeping my eye out for any other products you guys make.

Written by ANDREW SMITH on Nov 19th 2018


Work wonderfully, easy to maintain, and make the pax much more versatile when traveling.

Written by Josh on Nov 17th 2018

Bud lips 3.0

Wow! These make using the pax so much more medical since one can pack their bowl with consistently similar sizes. The packing is easy, the pulls are more reliable than when I filled it myself with the magic flight finishing grinder. The only downsides are if I grind TOO fine then some herb sometimes gets out, but since they are fully metal the grind doesn't have to be that fine since they heat even more evenly. The other downside is that I didn't read to see that the bud kups come in packs of 3 not 6! Definitely buy their full kit as it'll save you money and get you more stuff!! Don't make the same mistakes I did! P.s. the filler is amazing and not necessary... But I would recommend it to anyone who isn't a practicing pharmacy tech.

Written by Nick Ellis on Nov 8th 2018

My favorite pax accessory

The Budkups 3.0 is the perfect Pax accessory. I've had my pax for almost 3 years now and I wish I would have found these sooner. Definitely gives my Pax a new life.