Bud Case Bundle

USD $36.95

Everything you need to make your sessions portable and on-demand! Compatible with PAX2/3.

Includes 6 BudKups Generation 3.0, the Bud Case, and 2 BudKup removal tools.

BudKups 3.0 are designed to improve air flow and heating. Made of food-grade stainless steel, BudKups are durable and reusable.

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Written by Rafa on May 4th 2021


Very happy with this product and with the great service provided. Shipment to Valencia (Spain) without problem, very fast. The BudKups for th Pax 3 are great, clean and discreet. You don't get a lot of vapoor but top flavour and the same high as always. I'll recommend it.

Written by Kathleen on May 3rd 2021

BudKups and tin

Love love love my BudKups! It’s so nice to have them pre-packed and ready and keeps the PAX oven very clean. The cups heat the flower very evenly so there is no need for a stir.

Written by mark leger on Apr 19th 2021


I WAS so glad i seen the budkups on youtube i was looking at pax3 and budkups popped up so i watched it im so glad i purchased a set of budkups now my pax3 stays cleaner for a longer period of time i highly recomend you get a set if you own an vaperizer herb pipe excellent company great company service,, you will be very happy with budkups service

Written by Arras on Dec 8th 2020

BudKups are the bomb

These babies make the PAX vape a new and very enjoyable experience! I bought a new case bundle for my bro and I. As handy as they are they are tiny and can get lost so it will be nice to have a backups! 10/10 would recommend!

Written by John on Sep 23rd 2020


Love these things. Changes the Pax experience completely. A must have!

Written by Joe on Sep 14th 2020


This is the best for my pax3

Written by john m saunders on Jul 27th 2020

bud case bundle

i love the budkups. i had an issue with my purchase, where i thought i was buying a bud case bundle, because of the picture I saw on the amazon site. i was sent 3 kups 2 of which I could not open. i then purchased the case bundle, and was sent 2 extra kups. great customer relations. was in communication with Gianna. can't thank her enough.