The Queen of Honesty

Like most small business owners, Peggy White is a one-woman show. Her brand, Chateau Blanche, is a treasure trove of honest and off-beat paper goods, celebrating all of life's moments - the good, the bad, and the awkward. There is no façade here. No flowing script and perfect florals. Just hysterical, hand-illustrated cards, stickers, and stationary that will make you snort with laughter. And did we mention she incorporates her relationship to cannabis in to her art?! 

We are thrilled to bring Peggy's work to BudKups. You can check out her canna-positive paper goods here.

Our co-founder, Gia, got to chat with Peggy about her art, creative process, and relationship to cannabis.

BudKups: How long have you been creating art?

Peggy White: I’ve been involved in art for as long as I can remember. Throughout grade school & middle school I enrolled in after school programs that allowed me to experiment with everything from clay to painting to printmaking to collage. In high school I took all the ceramics, photography, and drawing classes available. Even enrolling in AP art classes for college credit. After high school, I attended the Kansas City Art Institute where I graduated with a bachelors in printmaking.

BK: What got you into making cards and stationery?

PW: After a particularly bumpy chapter in my life, a therapist challenged me to find something to pursue outside of myself; a goal unrelated to work & relationships. I literally just had a random card rack from a garage sale & decided to fill it. Fast forward a few years: I moved from OKC to Tulsa, lived with my parents for 10 months, & I couldn’t find a job... so I made one. I started consigning in stores, selling online, & attending maker events. I hand drew every single card for close to two years. It was nuts.

BK: How would you define your style?

PW: That is a really good question & one that I’ve often struggled with. Looking at all the art I’ve created throughout my life... my “style” has always been ever changing. I enjoy making what resonates with me & having been fortunate enough to do so many creative things has meant that I truly find joy in ALL OF IT.

BK:What inspires you?

PW: Anything, truly. A friend can say something funny. I could say something funny. See something on TV that sparks an image. Nature. Animals. My lifestyle. My family. A photograph could influence a color palette. My cat could make a dumb face. Truly endless possibilities for inspiration.

BK: What’s your creative process?

PW: There isn’t really a set process. Some work is completely digital, some is hand done, some is a combo. I paint on wood, I pour resin, I work with clay. I work on more handmade items for my Etsy & mass produced items for wholesale & retail. But I can say that no matter what I am doing to keep my hands busy in the studio, I’m probably listening to a true crime podcast & drinking coffee.

BK: We love the fun and natural way you bring cannabis into your designs! How did that come about and have you seen customer interest in those products change over time?

PW: I lightly introduced the marijuana leaf & other 420 references through handmade crayons & cards from late 2017 to early 2020. Since becoming legal in Oklahoma, it’s become a lot more prevalent in my work. Mental health is vital & I’ve advocated it’s importance for years. My use of medical marijuana is just as important as my Prozac. The benefits should be seen & heard & discussed & supported... not vilified. Including cannabis in my work is one way I can advocate for it’s uses & support those who use it.

BK: What’s the hardest thing about being a small business owner? What’s the best?

PW: I’m not sure if it’s any ONE thing. I think the hardest part about being a small business owner is having to do ALL THE THINGS at one time. As small business owners we have to do it all... product development, photography, web design, accounting, sales, shipping, inventory... it’s never ending. The best thing is that I can take a mental health day whenever I need one.

BK: What are you passionate about?

PW: The Great British Baking Show

BK: When I’m not creating, I am…?

PW: When I’m not creating for work I’m probably creating something for my home. I just finished a pretty stellar macrame cat bed & I’ll be starting a mini mural soon. If I’m not creating for work OR for the home, I’m probably reading a book, playing games on my phone, thrifting, or spending time with my partner.