The New BudKups!

Hi! You may not know us. We’re Gia and Juliana Franzone and we’ve been designing & selling BudKups loading capsules and accessories from our family’s 68 year-old manufacturing business since 2017.

What started with curiousness…. “Can we make a loading capsule for our beloved PAX and will anyone want to use it too?"…. Has slowly turned into a business. A small business to be sure - but one that we love. A business where we wear a lot of hats, have personal relationships with our customers, meticulously design, test, and use all the products we sell, and feel passionately about providing the best customer value and experience possible.

We have failed some (*cough* BudKup 2.0). But each time a customer has told us that BudKups have changed their vaping experience or made it easier to access their medicine, it has meant the world.

The driving ethos of BudKups has always been making flower cannabis consumption easy and portable. And why shouldn’t it be? It’s the best tasting way to enjoy cannabis. Certainly one of the safest. And the experience of the full potency and beauty of the plant is superior (in our humble opinion). If there were more ways to simply and elegantly integrate flower into our every day lives, could we FINALLY throw off the stigma of it?

It’s with that question that we started on a new journey for BudKups. One that explored cannabis solutions beyond loading capsules.

Today, we’re proud to relaunch with a selection of curated and in-house products that celebrate cannabis flower! Fear not! We’ll still carry BudKups loading capsules.But we've also formed exciting partnerships with small businesses like us - people who care about the products they make and are passionate about cannabis normalization - to bring you new fun and functional products.

And there is so much more to come! We’re working on upgrading some of our classic products, developing new solution-oriented products for flower, and collaborating with more creators to bring unique flower-centric products to our customers.

We cannot wait to show you everything we have in store and share the stories of our new friends and collaborators.

We’re excited to have you join us for this new journey.

Thanks for the love and support over the years,

Juliana, Co-Founder

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