The 12 Best Gifts for Stoners

From innovative gadgets to stylish and functional tools, these accessories elevate the cannabis experience and reflect the diverse community of enthusiasts. Let's dive into our curated selection of the best gifts for "stoners",... celebrating the artistry, utility, and personal expression within the ritual of enjoying cannabis.

Whether it's the perfect grinder, a handcrafted pipe, or storage solutions, there is something for every kind of weed fan in your life!

1. The PAX Plus (Obviously!)

PAX vaporizers are one of the best portable dry herb vaporizers made by PAX Labs, a San Francisco based company. It has the ease of use for the person new to dry herb vaping, but the performance for the most experienced vapers.

Why we love it: PAX vaporizers are known for their sleek, compact, and portable designs. They are discreet and can easily fit into a pocket, making them convenient for on-the-go use.

Price: From $200.

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2. Veil Spray

Veil is the odor elimination spray for the modern cannabis user, chemically engineered to get rid of the smell of weed smoke on a molecular level.

Why we love it: The Veil spray works with so many different kinds of odors and they disappear immediately!

Price: $20

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3. Herb Ripper Grinder

Elevate your flower experience with the Herb Ripper Grinder, made of American stainless steel in Cincinnati, Ohio. This grinder creates perfectly fluffy flower with no jamming, and features a deep well and kief catcher.

Why we love it: We love the Herb Ripper because of its quality and durability. And because it's made by a fellow family-run small businness! 

Price: $129

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4. Vessel Pen

The Vessel vape pen brings personal style to your concentrate experience. Compatible with nearly all 510 thread cartridges, Vessel pens standout for their sleek design, high end finishes, and long battery life. 

Why we love it: Vessel is a great pen because it is well-made, beautiful, and supremely easy to use. 

Price: From $39

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5. Happy Organics Honey & Hot Cocoa with CBD

Relax and unwind with CBD Happy Honey by Happy Organics, made with full spectrum hemp oil that contains 120 mg of CBD. This special raw wildflower honey gets its "happy" moniker from the third generation beekeepers behind Happy Organics who are committed to sustainable, low-stress harvesting.  

Their amazing Mexican Hot Cocoa is made with full spectrum hemp extract, adaptogens, cacao, and a hint of cinnamon.The cocoa also contains 400mg CBD per bag.

Why we love it: The honey goes great with anything, especially with tea, fruit smoothies, and your favorite breakfast, while the hot cocoa is a great before bedtime drink that allows you to ease into your night knowing you will get the best rest! 

Price: From $36

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6. Kush Candle by Boy Smells

Green, bright, and intoxicating, KUSH is Boy Smells' most iconic cult-classic scent. Delicate florals mingle with the scent of cannabis flower and brushed suede.

Why we love it: These candles are sulfate-free, paraben-free, and phthalate-free, so you can luxuriate without worrying about toxic chemicals in the air.

Price: $38

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7. Ceramic Pipes by Wandering Bud

Wandering Bud is an artisan ceramic studio that creates small-batch, handmade smoking accessories including pipes, bubblers, bongs, ashtrays, holders, jars, trays and more.

Why we love it:  These pieces double as art for your home.They are made by hand for the design-conscious cannabis consumer. Plus they hit like a dream and clean easily!

Price: From $52

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8. OG Stash Box by Hash Stash

This beauty of a stash box has it all... storage jars for your flower, a rolling surface with a "crumb catcher" and spot for your grinder, and lots of bonus storage. And did we mention that it locks? Great for at home or on-the-go.

Why we love it: This stash box is great because it's beautiful, portable and can fit discreetly almost anywhere in your home. This bamboo stasher also comes in lots of fun colors!

Price: $79

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9. Bee Wick Hemp

"Bee Wick" Hemp Wick is the natural alternative to traditional lighters... made from 100% organic hemp and pure American beeswax it eliminates the need for a butane lighter. 

Why we love it:  This hemp wick burns smooth and slowly, has no taste, and gives you more control applying heat to your flower to better control the size of your puff.

Price: From $6.95

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10. Backflip Magenetic Rolling Tray by Raw

This bamboo rolling tray can be used as a rolling tray or a stash box.

Why we love it: This will work for any setup, with slots for dab tools, filter tips, and cones. We also love the heavy duty magnets!

Price: $32

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11. Zodiac Geo Pipes by Rompotodo + BudKups

A BudKups exclusive collaboration with Rompotodo ceramics! Made with an indigo glaze and finished with a handpainted iridescent gold zodiac symbols, each pipe is unique work of art.

Why we love it: Whether you are a sensitive Cancer or a feisty Scorpio, you deserve to have one of these pipes in your collection. 

Price: $43

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12. "Drug Money" Piggy Bank by Chateau Blanche

This coin bank by artist Chateau Blanche features her signature style, delightfully retro and a little tongue-in-cheek.

Why we love it: It's a fun place to keep loose change, or to save up for what really brings you joy... flower!

Price: $22

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