Replacement Set

USD $8.95

Keep your sessions running smoothly with replacement BudKup lids and removal tools. Compatible with BudKup Generation 3.0. for PAX2/3.

3 BudKup lids
5 Removal Tools

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Written by Nathan Passen on Feb 22nd 2021


Way too expensive

Written by chad on Aug 31st 2020

Fantastic replacement set!

This product is just adding to the amazing product that budkups already are.

Written by Angel Medina on Jul 14th 2020

For the modern hobo professional lover of life

Budkups, and such are, for- The modern Hobo professional, and lover of life. Insta Trip, from the 3 kids.

Written by G on Jun 22nd 2020

Been waiting a long time for this

I was upset my Budkup lid fell down the drain as I was washing it. That one missing lid now affected the way I used Budkups as it rendered useless for months. Seeing that they offer this replacement kit I am so relieved I didn’t have to buy another kup set. The removal tool is much handy than banging my Pax3 to get the kup out. I’ve clipped it to the Pax multi tool to make it more handy.

Written by Ronni Fox on Jun 22nd 2020

Replacement set

What a brilliant idea those picks are awesome and extra tops are certainly needed. Not sure why pax didn’t think of it. Good job!!