BudKup Generation 3.0 for PAX

USD $19.95

Flower loading capsule for PAX2/3®. Designed for optimal heating and vapor production.

We improved the shape and increased the air flow surface area for better functionality and greater ease of use.

Pack multiple BudKups at once and always be ready. Keeps your PAX cleaner. BudKups are reusable.

Food-grade stainless steel. For use with flower only.

Sold as set of 3. Includes 2 BudKup removal tools.

Shop with confidence: The BudKups Satisfaction Guarantee

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Written by Ronni Fox on May 10th 2021

Bud kups

Best thing since the pax was invented period.

Written by Alex Sachs on May 3rd 2021

Bud kups

Works great. I like them vary much. The only thing is there a little pricey.

Written by Kathleen on Apr 5th 2021

Perfect accessory

Fast delivery. BudKups are the perfect accessory for my PAX3! They are so easy to use and keep the oven clean with no hassle. Thank you!

Written by Kelley Moore on Feb 22nd 2021

Budkups 3.0

This is a great product for on the go. They're discreet and you can put a descent amount of product in them while you also don't have to stir them to get a complete and even burn. They're a gamchanger for real.

Written by Ronald Squillante on Feb 6th 2021


I have loved this product’s concept since they were first introduced, the strange thing is using BudKups reduces the amount of visible vapor… which some find necessary, but my lungs fill up and I get high AF with little to no visible vapor, takes some getting used to because we all are so accustomed to the exhale of visible vapor… I am enjoying them very much once I got over the need to see vapor and realized I didn’t need it I was stlll inhaling potent vapor!

Written by Sri on Sep 24th 2020

Great Product and Amazing Customer Service

I love using my Budkups! Also I'd recommend getting Budkups directly from the manufacturer because the shipping is fast and free and takes about the same time as amazon to deliver

Written by Dee on Aug 10th 2020

Budkup review

Love these! Completely changed how I feel about my PAX!

Written by Patrick Gannon on Jul 16th 2020

No vapor production.

The idea of these are great, however they failed to deliver any vapor production even after waiting for them to heat up and in the end I wasted 6 refills worth of product. Bit of a bummer

Written by David T on Jul 12th 2020

Transformational product

I loved the convenience of oil and e-pens until we learned the health risk with illegitimate producers and unsafe additives. I’ve been using budkups for several years and they transformed the convenience of my Pax vaporizers especially when on the go. I love that they keep the pax oven much cleaner too. Best product for Pax ever. Also love that I can put my own homegrown flower in these and no question about what I’m inhaling into my lungs.

Written by Chuck on Jun 11th 2020

Bud Kups

Awesome product greatest idea, the only issue is getting the cover or cap back on. I’ve damaged a few that wouldn’t line up.