BudKit Plus

USD $54.95

Complete filling and storage system for your BudKups. Simplifies the vaping experience and organizes your BudKups accessories.

Compatible with PAX2/3.

Contains: 6 BudKups 3.0, the Packing System, the Pocket Humidor, 2 Boveda Humidity Control Packs (4 grams each, 62% relative humidity), and 2 BudKup removal tools.

Total value of $71.80.

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Written by CARLOS LARA on May 26th 2021

BudKups BudKit

Absolutely the best accommodation to my Pax3 to date. I'm left wondering why it didn't buy this sooner. All I can say is if you're thinking about getting these, stop it. Get them and you won't regret it. So many positives to utilizing the BudKups. In my Ben Stiller voice, Do it, DO it !!!!

Written by terry on May 21st 2021

Bud kups kit

Dear BUD KUPS, I appreciate the ease of use compared to direct packing in my pax3, much cleaner. Only feedback to offer, perhaps a snap on lid that doubles as a tray. Thank me later. Regards, T2

Written by Cindy Chapman on May 14th 2021


I love these little cups. So clean. Still getting use to it and how much to pack. Its a little harder to draw.

Written by Oleh on May 10th 2021

Second best purchase after Pax

Budkups Cuts off all that routine fill in, stir, don't forget to clean stuff that everything you have to do is to get fun. I’ve been looking at them for several years thinking about do I really need them or not. After finally getting the Budkups and trying I want to say that they are as essential as the dishwasher in the kitchen.

Written by CORY W WINDSOR on May 9th 2021

Never leave home without them

I am going to keep this short and to the point these are a MUST-HAVE. Do not even try using your beautiful expensive vaporizer without these they keep it in pristine shape, clean, you know what just buy them. Thanks DrF

Written by Nick on Apr 29th 2021

Wicked good

Love these. They take the dry herb experience up a notch convenience wise. Still not quite as convenient as vaping oil, but waaaay more pleasant. Absolutely worth the price.

Written by Leah on Feb 10th 2021

Amazing Set-up

Just received the complete kit a couple of days ago and it's a total game changer for the Pax 3. It took a bit of time to get the Bud Kups filled (will get faster with more uses), but I only vape every day or so, which means I'm set for a week without having to grind, fill, empty, clean. Vaped very smoothly, even toasting of flower and it popped right out at the end - didn't even need the extraction tool. I wish the lids were a couple of different colours because I use a variety of flower for various uses, so I marked the foam in the humidor. I super love the convenience of grab and go!

Written by Josh Ladner on Jan 18th 2021

Great product

This kit is really sweet! I like being able to switch out the cups with fresh material near instantly. Kit makes it easy to fill the cups in a matter of minutes. The cups do need a good cleaning before first use with cotton swabs and soapy water, but then it is off to the races! The draw is improved, and the temperature inside the pax 3 oven is maintained better. This is noticeable, and I expect better battery life to be a result. It does not make the pax 3 any hotter just stabilizes temperature. Great product. Great customer service! Highly recommend! 5 star ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Written by Thomas Davie on Dec 15th 2020

Very satisfied

I am on medical retirement and use Cannabis to control nausea/vomiting from dialysis. With the Budkups system I can easily vaporize @home in my dialysis room and have a fresh load w/o messing around with flower. Had them 2 months and have not gone back to loose flower right in the oven.

Written by Anne on Oct 20th 2020

BudKit Plus

I got the BudKit Plus and it arrived earlier than expected which was great! The kit came in good condition, no missing parts or anything. The caps on the little pods were easy to take out and put in and this kit just makes the Pax so much more convenient to use.