Meet the Founders

BudKups began in 2017 as a passion project. We were two sisters new to cannabis who wanted to access all the beautiful potency of natural flower - one to treat chronic pain and the other to manage anxiety. We quickly found that using cannabis flower in its natural form is inherently messy and limiting. We knew there had to be a better way. One that didn’t sacrifice all the powerful properties of the plant for the convenience of concentrates. 

Using the engineering and manufacturing expertise of our family’s business, started by our very cool and intrepid grandfather, we set out to improve the experience of vaping cannabis flower. 

What we developed with our team was a precision-made, stainless steel loading capsule for the PAX® vaporizer, also known as the BudKup. BudKups loading capsules created an easy, portable, and most importantly, on-demand way to vape flower cannabis. 

This got us thinking, “What other ways can the flower experience be better…?

At BudKups, we’re all about developing and curating functional and beautiful products that let flower be an easy and natural part of your life. And while this is a different endeavor than the business our grandfather started in 1953, the mission remains the same... stay curious, solve problems, and keep innovating. 

Go beyond the grind, 

Gia & Juliana Franzone